Hell Strider

I’ve been working on a novella for the last few months, off and on. It’s been an interesting ride.

If you feel like taking a two hour break to read about a world full of monsters, heroic people, cities decimated by attacks, and giant mechanical walkers taking on massive monsters, then this is the book for you.

The novella is available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Hell Strider

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This Piece of Earth

So sometime in mid Feb, I was itching for stuff to read. I’m a big fan of the pulpy kind of books, so as I was browsing e-book titles, I came across the genre of LitRPG.

Now, i’m not a big gamer, but I’ve been known to obsessively play RPGs and survival games until my eyes hurt. So, I figured I might as well try out what these books are.

Suffice to say, the first couple i read were pretty bad. Yet undisuaded, I kept reading more and more of them. There were some pretty awesome gems, some fantastically written stories, characters that were amazing, and twists and turns that left me spending ungodly hours read when I should have been sleeping or working on other things.

I was hooked.

After a few more months of reading, I began to get an itch to begin writing again. So, finally opening up Scrivener I began creating a story. A LitPRG story.

Now, it’s up to be seen by the world. My feeling on this was, I’ve been wanting to create an illustrated online novel for a long time, but there were always things getting in the way. So, now i’ve managed to just do it. The site needs work, but if I try to make it look better before posting it, It’ll never be good enough.

Head on over to: This Piece of Earth and read the first chapter.

I’ll be updating a chapter every week.

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Arise, arise, ar-

Dusting off the ole blog, because.

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