CommissionsFlyerHow this goes:

1. email me your interest at psychomeltdown at gmail dot com with “Commission” in subject line.

2. In email, detail what you’re looking for. Reference would be good, especially if it’s an OC.

3. rough sketch will be produced and emailed back for verification.

4. work on Commission does not proceed until payment is received via Paypal. send payment to psychomeltdown at gmail dot com

5. once work is done, it will be emailed to you.

IMAGE: 8×11.5 inches, 300 DPI, high res JPEG file.

6. print it out where you want. Share it on social media and make sure to credit the artist of the piece.

7. wallow in happiness.




*It’s all for personal use, guys. Don’t slap the image on anything that isn’t your wall. Kthx!