Arisen, once more

Man, I’ve been sitting here looking at this post and trying to decide what to write as my ‘first’ new post for a long ass time. I wanted to be funny, cool, and give that knowing smile with the writing, but alas, I’m figure direct approach is the best approach.

Hello, again. I’m Alex Claw.

I’ve done this before, trust me. I’m just a tad rusty.

I am a wannabe writer and wannabe artist. Both wannabe since it’s as of yet still amateur hour on my end, meaning of course I’m not doing it professionally. Not that my work is shabby or anything.  I haven’t been published as of yet, though I’m still making the effort. I did draw a pretty cool book cover for Snake Oil, by Bruno Lombardi, that was printed by Martinus Publishing. Check it out!

My writing can be found at Bitterwater Tales. A short story site, which I think is pretty cool.

My artwork can be found, mainly on Deviantart or Tumblr. Follow me on both.

You can also follow me on Twitter at:

and finally, I draw up some prints. You can find them HERE and I also do commissions. Click the commissions tab up top for more info.

So, that’s it. I write. I draw. I mock with dry wit and sarcasm. I also tend a garden. Stare off into the distant horizon as birds flutter, clouds billow, and a soft breeze stirs the greasewood about me.


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One Response to Arisen, once more

  1. Alex (Midgard) says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living!

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