Doing things Differently (this time for real)

I’ve decided to move from my primary dream of writing novels to my tertiary dream of writing novellas. (secondary dream was to write short stories) I’m aiming for novellas because I tend to write overly long short stories and sadly short novels.

Not only that, but I’ve decided to start using more detailed outlines and breaking down everything into scenes. This by far is the most difficult thing I’ve been doing, but seeing as my progress doing it the ’way I’ve always done it’ has produced about zilch. Tossing everything over, setting it afire, and then use a completely different method is better than slogging about using a method that’s already been tried and failed at. (Scores of times)

What’s influencing this change is rereading Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder. Good book, it’s about screenwriting, but the story telling structure is pretty awesome.

The current project is the novella-ization of Ghost Lizard. The quasi steam punk, monster short story that I wrote about a year or more ago. I like that story. I wanted to tell more of the story, therefore this is my chance to expand on that universe and tell the tale of what happens next.

The outline is done.
Three acts.
32 scenes.
The main character arc has been plotted.

Currently, I’ve begun the Crappy First Draft of the first act. I know it’a crappy and I’m not really focused on making it a good one out of the gate. The previous attempts have always been to write the best that I can from the get go, but that’s always failed me because I tend to get caught up in perfection instead of production.

Dialogue is the focus of the CFD. Get the characters talking, see how they interact, try to establish the feel for them so that in the second draft they get fleshed out more. Also I have to get down all the big things I want each scene to focus on. The character, the monsters, the great machine that is the Ghost Lizard, etc.

So, today’s goal is to finish the CFD and make preps to begin the second draft.

Well, back to writing.

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